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SXS recovery and towing

Off-Road Vehicle Recovery:
Towing & Winching

No tow points? No problem, we have a bridle and a MasterPull Mini Mac that makes it so we can safely connect to any vehicle. We use kinetic ropes and soft shackles to ensure no further damage occurs trying to rescue you.

We have all the equipment needed to get your vehicle un-stuck any circumstance whether you're in mud, dirt, sand, snow, water or ice, there isn't a job too tough for Frosty 4Wheeler.

Road side assistance

Roadside Assistance

Secondary to vehicle recoveries, we offer limited road-side assistance. If we become too busy with back to back recoveries, we stop offering road-side assistance so we can better serve customers that are stranded or need recovering. 

Frosty 4Wheeler is committed to getting the job done any time of day. From jumpstarts at 2:00am to a tire change at lunch time and everything in-between, call us and we will be there with our tools and experience.

part deliver

Part Delivery

Broken down on the trail or at your campsite and need a part? No problem! Call us and we will help make arrangements to deliver the part straight to you, wherever you are. 


You just pay for the part over the phone directly with the retailer and we will drive it to you, anytime of day. We can even bring you water if needed, just let us know!

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