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4 Tools & Techniques We Recommend to Everyone

Alex's Words: When driving your vehicle “off-road” there are a couple techniques and complimenting tools I believe everyone should carry and use.

1: Air down your tires. This spreads the contact patch of your tire out allowing for increased traction and a smoother ride. It will also cause less wear and tear on your vehicle and more importantly: the trail. A $20 air down tool will aid in this process and a inexpensive portable air compressor will allow you to air back up for street driving. It is also a great tool to have in case you need to re seat a bead etc.

2: Use lower gears in your vehicle. 4 low is preferable, but sometimes you can also put the transmission in “low” or manual mode. This will assist you in climbing and descending by applying more low end torque to the wheels (in laymen’s terms). You can also use the engine’s compression to slow your vehicle on descents to help save your brakes.

3: Familiarize yourself with your map application on your phone. It is very easy to pull up coordinates on your phone. This will allow emergency personal to reach you much faster and more precisely. I hate phones and it’s technology, but if you’re going to carry this tool while off-roading, you may as well make it work for you.

4: Use micro movements when turning your steering wheel/ wheels. The “harder” you turn the wheel left or right, the more resistance you create. The straighter the wheels the easier it is to roll and less chance of becoming stuck.


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