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5 Tips For Successful Winter Driving

Updated: Mar 2

Alex's Words: It is extremely icy on the roads right now, and the snow is still coming down. Below are 4 tips to help keep you on the road safely travelling to your destination.

1. Air Down - Letting some of the air out of your tires will help maintain traction on slick roads.

2. Chain Up - If you drive a 2wd and need chains to drive on the road, install them BEFORE you get your vehicle stuck. It's much safer to install your chains in a parking lot off to the side and out of the way of danger. We do not recommend chains for off-roading in the snow, that will dig you down further and you want to float on the snow.

3. Use 4Low - If you have 4WD use 4 low or low gear in the transmission and avoid stabbing the brakes. If you are sliding try to keep your foot off the brakes and roll through it.

4. Micro Movements - Micro movements of the steering wheels and very little throttle are key.

5. Give Space - Give plenty of room between vehicles and you should have a successful trip into the mountains!

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