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Alex (Frosty) Carter

Mr. Owner

Alex Carter has been exploring further and further into the Eastern Sierra for over a decade. His favorite place is the Rubicon Trial just outside of Lake Tahoe. It was only recently that Alex discovered he can use his exemplary rigging and recovery skills to calmly help people through some of their most stressful moments involving a vehicle. Alex does all his own wrenching and maintenance, which there is plenty of with trucks older than he is.

Alex might be part dog.


Jena Carter

Mrs. Owner

Jena Carter grew up playing in the dirt and snow so she is most comfortable outside somewhere getting filthy and using her hands. Jena enjoys spotting vehicles through precarious situations and usually has a camera in her hand, documenting anything and everything. Jena works hard to make sure everyone is safe and happy so go ahead and ask her if you can have a water bottle or sticker.  

Jena really likes dogs. 


The Kiddos

Mr. Dahmer, Ms. Sadie, & Lil' Maple

They don't always get to go on vehicle recoveries, but they love the trucks and adventures! 

They are dogs.

Frosty 4Wheeler started as a passion with over 20 years of experience and became a full time job January 1, 2021.

We started this business because we noticed more and more traffic on our favorite trails and more people asking for help off-road. Not everyone has access to off-road support groups and rescue forums and not everyone has the luxury of waiting hours for a "good samaritan" to show up and save the day while passing by. We decided this had to change and no one was going to abandon their car for a season if we had anything to do with it. We operate year round, 24 hours a day because we know accidents and errors don't take time off and happen all the time. 


We are a husband and wife team, Jena and Alex Carter, and we have been off-roading and exploring the Eastern Sierra area for over a decade with our dogs and 4x4's. We know a thing or two about getting stuck and un-stuck and we have also had our fair share of trail breaks and repairs so don't hesitate to give us a call the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation. Our service area includes all of Mono County, from Benton to the Sonora Pass. We operate out of Mammoth Lakes California which is usually within an hour from most of our calls.   

We want visitors and locals alike to use our professional services when they get stuck so they aren’t tearing up the trails and lake beds without the proper equipment. We also want to prevent people from getting desperate and potentially hurting themselves or their vehicles trying to get back to camp or home. We carry all the necessary equipment and haven’t had a job too tough for us yet! #frosted


Thank you for visiting our website and for supporting small businesses like ours.

We hope to see you out there having fun, wave if you see us!

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